Mixed Media



I like to 'be quiet' about my work; creating as I have time. I often look after the needs of others and then debrief at my worktable, engaging with a wide variety of projects that reflect the people and things I am involved with along with the places I visit. I am reluctant to use the term “artist”, since there is the connotation that this is a 'job' - that someone is dedicating time every day to this. I don't work that way. For me, artistic endeavors are a pleasure, an escape, a release and a privilege.

My work has evolved from dying fabric and making ‘art quilts’ to mainly mixed media/3D pieces with the mixed media always being textile based. I like mixed media as it pushes me. There is a lot of 'what if I do this? with that?’ in what I do.

I have made things since a kid but I didn’t call it ‘art’. I did it because I liked to. I did not become involved 'publically' until 2007 when I was encouraged by an artist friend to submit a piece for a juried show. It was accepted - much to my surprise. I had never had any recognition in this capacity.

Shape and colour inspire me. When I photograph things, I am usually looking at those two things. If one or the other catches my eye, I capture that part of the whole. Seldom do I take a photo of a whole thing - unless, of course, the whole shape is intriguing. When I make something, sometimes it is a material that inspires me.

I am a member of CARFAC, the Saskatchewan Craft Council, and the Surface Design Association. I have a BA (1977) in subjects totally unrelated to art. I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan Certificate of Art and Design program in 2011.

I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I often marvel at my good fortune of having been born and raised on the prairies of Western Canada. Wallace Stegner, a writer who grew up in the American mid-west and in southern Saskatchewan, said, I may not know who I am but I know where I am from. I know where I am from.



Shows & Exhibitions


Art of the Book exhibition, Regina Public Library, Regina, SK
"Contrapuntal Whimsey”

Solo show at Nutana Mennonite Church, Saskatoon, SK



A Little Push - group show at Storefront, Saskatoon, SK

Vision a Journey - Focus on Fibre Art, Edmonton, AB - Won second prize in Wearable Art category

You can COUNT on the Prairies - Children’s counting book, published by Your Nickels Worth Publishing, Regina, SK
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Ravelings - group show at Storefront, Saskatoon, SK



Define! A Not-so-fine Line - Edge of the Forest: Surface Design Association exhibition,
Travelling show to Calgary, AB, and Victoria & the Sunshine Coast, BC



Define! A Not-so-fine Line - Edge of the Forest: Surface Design Association exhibition,
Travelling show to Richmond Hill, Toronto, Belleville, ON, and Woody Point, NL

Crocuses - Photograph, Toon's on Transit, Saskatoon, SK

Group show with Gwen Klypak (fibre artist) - Sherven-Smith Art Gallery, Kerry Vickar Centre, Melfort, SK

Vision a Journey and Vision a Journey - with Blue Hope - SWAG: Saskatchewan Wearable Art Gala 2015, Saskatoon, SK



Red Stilletto - World of Threads Festival, Oakville, ON



Passionate Wind Songs - Affinity Gallery, Saskatoon, SK

She Sews Seashells - Affinity Gallery, Saskatoon, SK

What Wild Desires...... - SDA Members Show, San Antonio, TX



Queen Anne’s Lace - Affinity Gallery, Saskatoon, SK

September 15, 2011 $90.52 - Affinity Gallery, Saskatoon, SK



paper collage - STM Gallery, Saskatoon, SK



Galvanic Evolution - STM Gallery, Saskatoon, SK

Calgary, AB
Galvanic Evolution
Peace is at hand
Prophetic Clairvoyance

Palm Tree in G Major - Saskatchewan Craft Council, Saskatoon, SK

Station Arts Gallery, Rosthern, SK
Palm Tree in G Major
Galvanic Evolution
a variety of phorographic manipulated scarf images
a variety of handmade hats

The Garden, photographs - Wildwood Mennonite Church Gallery, Saskatoon, SK



Cool Relaxation - Pinhole Photograph, STM Gallery, Saskatoon, SK

Galvanic Evolution - Member’s Show - Surface Design Association, Kansas City, MO

Tide Pool - Saskatchewan Craft Council, Saskatoon, SK

Station Arts Gallery, Rosthern, SK
Tide Pool